“The X-Files” Extended Mid-Season Preview

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FOX has released an extended mid-season promo for “The X-Files” with a long glimpse of the next three episodes set to air starting with tonight’s episode ‘The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat’.

That explores the idea of The Mandela Effect, in which large groups of people remember an alternate history. Darin Mogan penned and directs the episode.

On January 31st is “Ghouli,” the James Wong penned and directed episode in which a pair of teenage girls attack one another, each believing the other to be a monster, and the investigation could lead back to Fox & Dana’s son William.

The February 7th episode “Kitten” has Skinner going AWOL when his past comes back to haunt him and as they track him down their growing mistrust of him reaches its apex.

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“The X-Files” Extended Mid-Season Preview
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