Sollima On His “Call of Duty” Film Plans


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Filmmaker Stefano Sollima is out doing press rounds for “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” which is coming off strong early reaction. In a new discussion with Slashfilm this week, he spoke a bit about another project he’s been attached to – a film based on the “Call of Duty” video game franchise.

The games are a first person shooter series where the player controls a soldier in various missions, with the entries tackling different wars in different time periods from the early 20th century to the distant future. Sollima tells the outlet that the film aims to differentiate itself both from other video game movies and other war movies:

“I think it’s more the idea, the concept to tell a story of a soldier. It’s something you haven’t seen a lot. There’ve been a lot of war movies but not soldier movies. I feel that a movie must be completely different as an experience from any video games. So meaning that in order to make a good movie based on a video game, you have to betray the structure. You must ignore the idea that they did a video game. You need to create something that is completely new and a great movie.”

Sollima says he cannot say if the soldier of his story is a new character or a character from the games. Both Tom Hardy and Chris Pine have been rumored as casting potentials but no-one has been in talks at this point. The film remains very much in early development.

Sollima On His “Call of Duty” Film Plans
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