Segun Akinola Set As “Doctor Who” Composer

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Since its return to screens in 2005, Murray Gold has served as the music composer on The BBC’s “Doctor Who” series and his sound has defined the series across the entire runs of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi in the lead role.

With the changing of the guard both in front of the camera with Jodie Whittaker, and behind the scenes with new showrunner Chris Chibnall, the series continues to look like it’s about to undergo its biggest overhaul since the relaunch and helping that along will be new composer Segun Akinola.

Akinola, an alumni of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire will compose the incidental music for all of the new season including an all-new take on the legendary theme. Chibnall’s has released a statement about Akinola’s arrival:

“Welcome to the Doctor Who family, Segun Akinola! We’re over the moon Segun’s agreed to join us, to provide the score for the next phase of the Doctor Who adventure. From our very first conversations, it was obvious Segun was a passionate, collaborative and delightful human being as well as a fantastic and bold composer. We’re looking forward to introducing the world to his exciting and emotional soundtracks for the Thirteenth Doctor.”

Doctor Who” is set to have a panel at Comic-Con next month in San Diego where it’s likely the first footage from the new season will be screened and potentially include some of Akinola’s work. The new “Doctor Who” returns to screens in the Fall.

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Segun Akinola Set As “Doctor Who” Composer
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