Abrams On “Cloverfield Paradox” Genesis & Future

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A week on from the surprise post-Superbowl launch of “The Cloverfield Paradox” on Netflix and debate still rages over the quality of the film itself along with the impact of such a launch on both cinema and the franchise’s future.

Subsequent stories have indicated the film was troubled and underwent some major reshoots that didn’t fix its problems, leading to the idea of the Netflix surprise launch. The film’s producer J.J. Abrams was recently asked questions about the project on Facebook and how it came to be. He explains its genesis:

“Originally, it was written by Oren Uziel, who wrote a draft that was its own thing, and was around for a while…we started to think, ‘What are ways that this might fit into the world?’ But when we started shooting the movie, it was still something we were thinking about. Because the idea for the ‘Cloverfield’ series was not so much that it be this narrative throughline, but more that they be these really fun sort of thrill rides.

Like, if you imagine an amusement park, that’s a ‘Cloverfield’ amusement park, and every ride has a different purpose, but they all connect in some way or another. While we were shooting, we were making adjustments. This was a movie that went through many different iterations as it went along.”

Asked where the franchise goes from here, Abrams says they’re talking about a lot of different things at the moment but won’t discuss it presently. Separate reports however suggest at least one if not two more films in the series are already done. One is “Overlord,” a story of U.S. troops who infiltrate a Nazi base in WWII, only to find a supernatural Nazi experiment. That project, which Abrams himself has dubbed “crazy,” is headed for a theatrical release on October 26th.

The other was potentially revealed this past week reports Bloody Disgusting with the original source saying the upcoming Bad Robot project “Kolma,” a Daisy Ridley-led remake of the 2003 Israeli TV movie “Kol Ma,” could well be a fifth “Cloverfield” movie.

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Abrams On “Cloverfield Paradox” Genesis & Future
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